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[CLOSED] Roasty Toasty Kittens!


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Two kittypets, Drax and Sunny have had their second litter of kits! Drax has long since battled the desire for adventure, but when two of the kits in her first litter disappeared from their kittypet homes, she was determined to keep an eye on her remaining kit. These kittens will have the chance to grow up with three main adults in their life, mother Drax (left), father Sunny (right) and their older brother, Marble! Paradox and Enigma left home and have yet to return. Drax is determined that their beautiful kittens from this new litter will not leave their kittypet homes - not so long as she can attempt to exert her influence, anyway.

This is where you come in! This is a plot and personality contest to win the two middle kits! Tell me what your kit is like, what interests them and if you have any ideas for their future. Read along below to see extra tidbits about their family dynamic, what the rules of entering are and the forms to enter for them!

Opens: May 17th @ 11pm PST / 2am EST
Closes: May 24th @ 8pm PST / 11pm EST​
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1. Toasty || 2. Burnt

1. Anyone can enter for these kits, regardless of whether you're a newbie to the shop, a longtime player, or staff! Tigeria and belloblossom are excluded from this rule - they already have a kit from this litter and so are unable to participate!
2. There is no naming theme for this litter and because these are kittypet kittens, that means that the possibilities are endless! Name them whatever your heart desires!
3. You may enter for both kits, but only win one.
4. These kits will start out as kittypets, but once they reach their adolescent stage, they can remain as kittypets, or adventure out into the world if they so choose.
5. You may edit your form entries up until the closing time and not a minute after.​


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The Entry Form

[size=18][b][color=darkred]Lil Loves[/color][/b][/size]
Kit Preference:[/b] (Please use the nicknames provided to indicate your preferences.
[b]Kit Name:
Kit Gender:
Personality:[/b] (What is your kit's personality like? How do they express themselves? How do they relate to their family?)
[b]Plot Ideas:[/b] (Minimum 3 plot ideas about the future you have in mind for this kitten!)
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Lunar Fea

Lil Loves
Username: Lunar Fea
Kit Preference: Burnt, Toasty
Kit Name: Tajín (its a spice)
Kit Gender: Male
Personality: Spicy like his name, he's that kitten that hisses from birth. He'll mellow out but he always seems to be a bit over dramatic. He likes to use claws first, ask questions later and often gets himself in trouble.
Plot Ideas:
Tajín will grow up thinking he wants the outdoor life, he was built for it! He's the best hunter and no other cat can compare! He'll constantly try to escape the kittypet house and end up outside, only to be drug back inside.
2. Tajín winds up lost. He escapes one night when everyone else is asleep and wanders way too far into the woods. He realizes he is NOT the great outdoor cat he thinks he is and begins to panic. He finds a loner (or other cats) that take him under their 'wing' and eventually help him find home.
3. Tajín finally returns home, a ibt worse for ware, fur matted and looking little bit thinner. Twolegs take him to vet but he doesn't care, he's just so happy to see his twolegs. Once he gets home he flops in a spot and just sleeps the whole day, from then on out vowing to never leave again. He's quite happy to just be a spoiled only mild spice.


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Lil Loves
Username: kovak
Kit Preference:
burnt > toasty
Kit Name: Fritter
Kit Gender: female
Fritter is a bundle of joy and energy
Plot Ideas:
1, Fritter learns about the tv and tries hunting the birds on the screen. She becomes frustrated when she's unable.
2. Fritter meets a puppy -- who is supposed to be her little brother.
3. Fritter learns to love the puppy and protects them vet and bath days.


Lil Loves
Username: Umbrefox
Kit Preference: Toasty>Burnt
Kit Name: Blaze/ Ember
Kit Gender: Male/Female
Personality: (What is your kit's personality like? How do they express themselves? How do they relate to their family?) If Blaze, he is very excitable and generally cheery but if push comes to shove he's a little spit fire and fiercely loyal to his family. If Ember, she has a slow burning long fuse and generally calm and aloof but when she erupts she takes no prisoners but she isn't above acknowledging her mistakes and apologizing.
Plot Ideas:
  1. Lost but not gone- A neighbor twolegs is tired of all the new cats entering their yard, this kitty was the unlucky one the neighbor managed to grab and now finds themselves dumped in a unfamiliar part of town. Will they find their way home, be found by a new twolegs, or become a loner? (My mom had a crazy Italian neighbor who did this to her childhood cat, Prince. She ended up finding him on the other side of town like 2 or 3 weeks later.)
  2. Call the firemen!- This kitty goes missing for several days only to be found 3 stories up a tree after being chased by a neighbor twoleg's dogs. They have a hard time speaking due to having cried themselves hoarse. Will their voice return?
  3. Me thinks the Sink- This kitty has found their new favorite nap place, the bathroom sink. Will they risk the watery dangers for this beloved place?
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Lil Loves

Username: PeterPan_da144

Kit Preference: Toasty

Kit Name: Tigger

Kit Gender: Female

"They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, fun" - quite literally how one sees Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Tigger is full of energy, and loves racing to and fro across the house at all hours of the day. Their night time zoomies are particularly zoomie, however. Tigger is also overly dramatic, running into a room only to throw themselves down on the wooden floor and slide across it on their side. Pause. Flip up onto their paws and race back across. They are incredibly affectionate, but can be very destructive. Though they do not do it on purpose! A Twoleg house with tons of energy or activities would be perfect for them. Or even if the Twolegs were to put plenty of climbing structures all over! You know, like how you see online people putting shelves and obstacle courses up on their walls for the cats to jump up on?

Plot Ideas:
- Kitten zoomies will get them in trouble if they aren't taken care of properly. Without enough stimulation, Tigger finds themself climbing things they shouldn't, and eventually, slips and falls. This results in a twisted paw that requires a trip to the vet to fix.

- Meeting their older siblings is nice and all, but after that fall and twisting of their ankle, Tigger wonders how their older siblings Paradox and Enigma can live out in the wild all alone. While the vet wasn't particularly fun, wild cats wouldn't have that kind of help if something happened. Can they convince their older siblings to return to a safer life? Tigger never plans to leave the Twoleg nest, but hopes they can talk their siblings into returning.

- As they get older, Tigger does not seem to grow out of their boundless energy. With it, they seem to also never stop growing. Why is Tigger so gosh darn big?! Biggest of the litter, with the most energy, Tigger has literally broken several pots and knocked over side tables racing around the house. Have the Twolegs gotten fed up with it? Will Tigger be given to a new home that can handle them?[/b][/b]