We Are All Mad Here.
We Are All Mad Here.


Things will be slow at first this is to help get income and not to be a full time thing slots will be provided for semi customs later

Pre-mades, semi customs all up for sale here.
I make adoptable(s) in my spare time all will b posted on other sites
pleases make sure you read my t.o.s before attempting to buy.

I do not grantee any Adoptable will be made on any B/C here so take that in to consideration, all bases will be credited above the link to the source, bases used are either made by me or bought from waitress of cozy cat studios. pleases make sure you properly credit me and the base creator when posting the original design.

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In Progress
In Progress
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Spook beast base

Spook beast has two types left and right, each bases comes with templates

examples only
Templates only 15-20$
Light edits 20-25$
35$ custom edits limits may apply (no pose changes)

pony base

base by me
This base has unicorn ,Pegasus and earth traits edits Pegasus can be paired with unicorn for an Alicorn all hair and edits are done from scratch i may do more templates later​
simple design -
  • Not a lot of accessories​
  • with easy to draw hair/markings​
  • templates​
25$ -
semi complex design -
  • some accessories,​
  • long hair/curly hair​
  • detailed markings​
  • template/special edit mix​
  • bone markings​
30$ -40$ - complex design -
  • Clothing and or lots of accessories​
  • alt IMG with no clothing /accessories​
  • complex design IE stripes, lots of spots/freckles /stars​
  • layered markings​
  • body mutations​
  • long,Complex or super curly hair​
  • bone markings/edits​

All line work subjected to become templates

Other adopt design examples
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Customs are currently closed but will be open at a later time.

Forum will go here

Mood board

IMG Ispo

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Just post with witch one you want to Buy along with your username ( if any) and i will DM you on discord/privet DM with my PayPal

By posting you agree to my TOS
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