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Warriors: Cats of the Sun

[PATROL] Dreamwalker/Badgerstripe/Goldenfreckle


Stew Aficionado
Dice Rolled:
🎲d10 3 3
MountainClan, Opponent: Eagle
1. Battle
2. Battle
3. Scent Identification (all apprentices roll 1d10, if they land on an even number, they're able to correctly identify the scent as (insert prey type here, ex: a mouse). If they roll an odd number, they cannot identify any specific prey nearby.)
4. Battle
5. Oops! Encounter (While scouring the not-so-dry woods, thanks to the recent rainfall of the warmer months, your patrol stumbles upon a large mud pit! Your cats struggle a while before they manage to escape the heavy murk, but their pelts are too clotted and heavy to do any productive patrolling. Time to find a stream to rinse off in and head back to camp for the day.)
6. Battle
7. Battle
8. Stealth Training (all apprentices roll 1d10, if they land on an odd number, they're able to sneak up on their mentors successfully. If they land on an even number, they make too much noise and alert anything nearby to the patrol's location.
9. Hunting Training (apprentices roll 1d20 to determine if they are able to catch the prey or not, any numbers 13+ indicate a successful catch!)
10. Loner


Stew Aficionado
Dice Rolled:
🎲d10 9 9

Badgerstripe had been increasingly weary of going out on patrols since her encounter with the eagle. She'd insisted that Pollenpaw stay home, she couldn't bear the thought of him getting hurt while he was in her company again. She was a lousy excuse for a warrior and she while she tried to give him all the comfort he needed in his recovery, her heart felt heavy every time she looked at him. She'd promised him safety within her Clan - but of course, even a wild cat's life could never be positively safe all the time. Would he realize this and leave her?

She glanced at Goldenfreckle, who had faced an eagle too - but the golden she-cat had bested the thing. She thought of Sparrowfeather, who had seen more than her fair share of eagle encounters in the last couple of moons, and who's body had fresh wounds that would surely scar, even after Fernfire's best efforts.

Then, there was Dreamwalker, who spent most of his time with his mate, Starpaw, the medicine cat apprentice. She hadn't the opportunity to speak with him often, it embarrassed her to a point that she'd never admit it, but Dreamwalker was distractingly beautiful - as though he'd been carved out of the stars. Shaking her head to clear it of such thoughts, she turned her attention to the territory around her and scented the air. They'd come to check the borders for any eagle-scent, or SunClan forbid, the scents of any other predators in the area, but that didn't mean she couldn't try to hunt while she was out here. Alas, tasting the air, she only scented the moist soil and surrounding foliage. Ah, well, it was worth a shot.