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Warriors: Cats of the Sun

[PATROL] (Sandstripe/Palestorm)


Stew Aficionado
Dice Rolled:
🎲d10 9 9
MountainClan, Opponent: Eagle
1. Battle
2. Battle
3. Scent Identification (all apprentices roll 1d10, if they land on an even number, they're able to correctly identify the scent as (insert prey type here, ex: a mouse). If they roll an odd number, they cannot identify any specific prey nearby.)
4. Battle
5. Oops! Encounter (While scouring the not-so-dry woods, thanks to the recent rainfall of the warmer months, your patrol stumbles upon a large mud pit! Your cats struggle a while before they manage to escape the heavy murk, but their pelts are too clotted and heavy to do any productive patrolling. Time to find a stream to rinse off in and head back to camp for the day.)
6. Battle
7. Battle
8. Stealth Training (all apprentices roll 1d10, if they land on an odd number, they're able to sneak up on their mentors successfully. If they land on an even number, they make too much noise and alert anything nearby to the patrol's location.
9. Hunting Training (apprentices roll 1d20 to determine if they are able to catch the prey or not, any numbers 13+ indicate a successful catch!)
10. Loner


Stew Aficionado
Sandstripe had completed her apprentice training and become a warrior of MountainClan. Who would've thought that little miss Purrfect would've learned how to hunt on a mountain and fight off any possible threats she came across? Granted, she hadn't had to put any of her defensive knowledge for fighting into play, though there seemed to be frequent qarnings from both Tigersun and her fellow Clan cats, of eagles that were flying around with a vengeance. A vengeance for what, Sandstripe couldn't even imagine, but they were hostile threats all the same.

The thought of going out on her own was a frightening one and she was much more grateful to take a walk with Palestorm, anyway. Palestorm had been the reason that Sandstripe had changed her name, and come into MountainClan to begin with. Sandstripe purred at a passing memory - of her first meeting with Palestorm. How they managed to get from that first meeting, many moons ago now, to where they both were currently, was a source of mystery and joy to her.

"Thank you for coming hunting with me." She mewed to her companion, her tail coming to rest on Palestorm's shoulder as she smiled at the grey and white she-cat. "With Sparrowfeather and Echosong's recent run-in with that eagle, I didn't want to risk going out on my own - and I doubt Tigersun would be best pleased if I tried to." She mewed conversationally and glanced out into the forest, wondering if she should be lowering her voice, if they were to get any hunting done. She shot an apologetic and sheepish look at Palestorm and lowered her mew to a whisper. "And of course, you know I always love your company." She added. @Nym
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