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Warriors: Cats of the Sun

[PATROL] Stepping Stones [ Tigerstar x Softstep x Albatross ]

Blinded By Silence

Grizzled Veteran
Dice Rolled:
🎲d10 10 10
Tigersun goes on patrol with the newly named Softstep. The two toms find an unfamiliar scent in the area...
@Nym @belloblossom

MountainClan, Opponent: Eagle
1. Battle
2. Battle
3. Scent Identification (all apprentices roll 1d10, if they land on an even number, they're able to correctly identify the scent as (insert prey type here, ex: a mouse). If they roll an odd number, they cannot identify any specific prey nearby.)
4. Battle
5. Oops! Encounter (While scouring the not-so-dry woods, thanks to the recent rainfall of the warmer months, your patrol stumbles upon a large mud pit! Your cats struggle a while before they manage to escape the heavy murk, but their pelts are too clotted and heavy to do any productive patrolling. Time to find a stream to rinse off in and head back to camp for the day.)
6. Battle
7. Battle
8. Stealth Training (all apprentices roll 1d10, if they land on an odd number, they're able to sneak up on their mentors successfully. If they land on an even number, they make too much noise and alert anything nearby to the patrol's location.
9. Hunting Training (apprentices roll 1d20 to determine if they are able to catch the prey or not, any numbers 13+ indicate a successful catch!)
10. Loner

Blinded By Silence

Grizzled Veteran
A few moons had passed, and with their passing went the drought. But just because they'd escaped the claws of hunger didn't mean much. No, with the return of the rain came prey. Good for empty bellies, you could be sure, but the cats hadn't been the only hungry ones. There were predators stalking these stones again. Eagles, he'd heard. Damned things could fly off with a kit if they weren't careful minding them. A grown cat, even! The ginger tom shuddered as he walked, imagining those sharp talons diggin' deep into some cat's pelt.

He padded just behind another ginger tomcat, shaking his head to clear the worry. He was no coward. But he did know that bird huntin' required strong leapin' legs and, well, Softstep was better off on the ground.

Regardless, he had been invited on this patrol, by his leader no less. He was ready to show the stripped cat all he had learned. Starting with keeping his mouth shut. There was no good use for ramblin', not even polite conversation, when there were predators about. Every few pawsteps he would flick his pale green eyes up to the skies, scanning the bright empty blue above them. They would pause now and them along the trail, Softstep keeping watch as their leader would freshen up the scent markers that liens their border. It was then, with his mouth parted, scenting the air, that he noted something different.

"We've got a stranger nearby," He said in a hushed voice.

@Nym @belloblossom