Pokemon RP Interest Check


Stew Aficionado
I realize this is a long shot, but won't hurt to try, right? d:

Basically, I'd like to run a role play based off the game/anime Kamigami no Asobi. No prior knowledge of said media would be required nor would it give any sort of advantage.

That being said, the role play would revolve around an isolated school and forging bonds between the students who would be forced to attend it. I usually run it using Pokemon gijinkas, but I'd also be willing to give it a shot with other species or fandoms, just lmk what ya'll would be into. :)

The basic rundown of the plot is that the head of the gods/fandom related equivalent, is upset at the state of relations between gods and humans and in an attempt to fix that, forces a group of humans and a group of gods to attend this school together to help them understand each other better.