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Warriors: Cats of the Sun

[PRP] A Friendly Challenge (Streamheart x Buzzardstrike)


Grizzled Veteran
It was nice to be out on a patrol with her childhood friend, Buzzardstrike. If she closed her eyes and just listened to the sounds of the forest and the she-cat beside her, things almost seemed normal, as if the clan hadn't split, as if they weren't still wasting away. Selfish as it was, the grey striped she-cat was glad and grateful that both Buzzardstrike and her brother Finchchirp had stayed behind when the clan split. Having lost her littermate shortly after birth, Streamheart grew up constantly chasing after Buzzardstrike and her siblings, who were just a bit older than she was.

Streamheart had stayed in MountainClan because of her family but Buzzardstrike had stayed despite her family. Trying to be a good friend, Streamheart hadn't brought it up. Instead, she had offered many distractions, much like she was doing today. Once again Streamheart found herself being selfish as she was really the one in need of the distraction. She needed something, anything, to take her mind off of the state of her clan.

As she stopped to mark the clan's territory, she picked up a scent. "Hey, Buzzardstrike, do you smell that?" She whispered quietly to her friend, flicking her tail in the direction of the scent. It was the unmistakable scent of a mouse. Streamheart turned and locked eyes with her friend. The two had been on many patrols together, had gone hunting together on more than one occasion.... Buzzardstrike would recognize the challenge in Streamhearts look. I bet I can catch it first.



Grizzled Veteran

Buzzardstrike really needed time away from the clan today, and she was more than ever glad that Streamheart asked her to join in hunting today. She also noticed the closeness that her best friend started to have with Finchchirp. She wanted to ask if they were actually seeing each other, but part of her already knew the answer. Finchchirp was always in a better mood when Streamheart was around, after all. They would be a cute couple, and Buzzardstrike approved.

Her daydream of being an aunt was broken by Streamheart's question. The warrior stopped and took a quick whiff of mouse. She also knew the look Streamheart was giving. They knew each other too well to understand each other. "Oh, its on," she said, slitting her eyes, locking her eyes on the mouse. Although Buzzardstrike was competitive, she was larger than Streamheart. Streamheart was more agile and a way better hunter of the two, while Buzzardstrike was bulkier and the better fighter.

She figured to wait for Streamheart to have a head start, scare the mouse, and have it running back to Buzzardstrike.