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[PRP] Little Tribute (Siltwater/Skysong)


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Siltwater had known for a long time that if he ever had kits with Nightcall - and they would because they'd been trying for a while now - that he would name one of his kits for his mentor. He had discussed this with Nightcall, said that she could name their other kits if she wanted to, but one of their children would be named Skykit. She made him promise that he wouldn't have favorites among their litter and he agreed. Just because he was naming one didn't mean that would be his favorite. He wasn't sure he could do favorites among his children.

Yet, when they were born and arrived, Siltwater couldn't keep his eyes from one particular blue kit. He'd stayed at Nightcall's side, bringing her prey, bringing her water, bringing her things that she insisted she didn't actually need yet (like the biggest moss-ball these kits would ever see - not that their eyes had even opened yet) that eventually she must've felt overwhelmed because she shunted him from the Nursery for the rest of the day - at least while the sun was up, anyway.

So, he went to seek out other cats to converse with, when it struck him. He hadn't told Skysong, his former mentor and StoneClan's deputy, about his kits. She had to know, of course, so many cats in the Clan knew - it had been a while since there had been kits in the Clan, after all and he was one proud papa as a result. But most importantly, with it being only the second day since the kit's arrival, he wasn't certain that she knew of the little Skykit in the Nursery - oh, he had to tell her.

He started asking around for her - Sunseer's apprentice, Duskpaw, pointed him out by the river with a wave of his tail: his jaws were full of prey and his eyes full of caution. SunClan above that loner-apprentice certainly seemed skittish whenever Sunseer wasn't there to back him up - then again, Skysong could come across as brusque to cats who didn't know her as well as Siltwater did. Puffing his chest out in pride, he followed the directions.

He didn't wish to call out to her, in case she was hunting and he would inadvertently scare away the prey in the area. When he did eventually pick out her silver pelt from the river rocks, he smiled and walked around her in a wide half circle, letting his tail rustle the grass nearby him. She was bound to hear him; Skysong never missed a thing. With a dip of her head in her direction, he uttered a soft purr in greeting. He'd let her approach - she was the deputy, but he didn't want to invade in her space if she didn't give him permission to approach yet. @Blinded By Silence

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Skysong spent most of her time hunting by the river. It suited her best, what with her white and grey pelt. Here she could blend in better amongst the grey stones and river rock than she could in the browns and greens of the forest.

Today, she was fishing. Unmoving, hardly breathing. The only part of her that shifted was her reflection, rippled by the river's slow current. At the sound of fur brushing grass, she very slowly lifted her tail, signaling patience.

Then, suddenly, a paw lashed out, hooking a claw deep behind the gills of a bluegill. It slapped onto the stone and with a quick, satisfying bite, the fish lay still. She added it to her growing pile. Pale blue eyes lifted, picking the young tom out of the midday shadows, a low purr rumbling in her chest.

After moving a few stones to cover her prey pile, Skysong padded up to visit with her apprentice. Siltwater was a Warrior now, had earned his name rightfully. But so long as he still had things to learn, as all cats do, he would always be her Apprentice. She looked him over, those eyes of hers taking in and analyzing all they could. There was excitement in his fur.

"All is well, I take it, Siltwater?" She raises her chin and gives him a knowing smile.

No one had told her, not outright. She didn't let it bother her, she wasn't much for chatting anyway. But kitting was rarely a quiet event.



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Siltwater smiled widely at his mentor and nodded.
"Yes, quite so, Skysong." He replied. "Nightcall has had her kittens - all made it through safe and sound. There's six of them - six, can you believe it!" Purrs rumbled out from his throat and chest, his pleasure evident. "They're the perfect blend of us. Nightcall and I are working through choosing on their names."

Okay, Siltwater, don't mess up on the delivery. He looked out beyond . "There's Earthkit and Rainkit, Nightcall named those two and honestly... she'll probably end up naming the rest too." He remarked with a soft laugh. "From the start of it, I only asked to name one - not one kit in particular, just one name that I knew would be fitting of whichever kitten got it."

Siltwater turned his gaze back to Skysong, his expression full of beaming pride, for his kits, for his mentor, for the Clan. "I wanted to name them Skykit, after my mentor and the cat I hold in the highest regard of all StoneClan. Er - but don't tell that last part to Nightcall." He told her with a half grin. "I picked the kit and so, she's been named. She's a mottled blue she-cat. The litter haven't opened their eyes yet, of course, but... We could go see her, if you'd like." He offered.

Surely if he brought the deputy of the Clan back to the Nursery with him, Nightcall would have to let him back in, right?
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Skysong met his purring with rumbles of her own, "Happy to hear, Nightcall must have worked very hard. Congratulations to you both." She was always happy to hear of healthy births. There was a weak spot in that stony heart of hers. Kits always seemed to weasel their way past her defenses.

"Six? Sun above, you're sure to have your paws quite full now, aren't you!" She smiled and laughed, a rare sound. Six new little ones running around, such good news. And good parents, too. Fine Warriors, the both of them. "Only one? Siltwater, don't you dare leave all the work for her. You'd best..."

But her smile flickered and fell as he continued, her lips parted in surprise. Wet blue eyes of ice-melt searched his mismatched ones. Really? Truly? A kit, named after her? She lifted her head, finding herself a bit overwhelmed.

"Wh..." She struggled to find her voice past the lump that had grown in her throat. Her chest swelled with such pride that she thought she'd burst from the pressure of it. She dipped her head to the young tom and came back with a true smile, not one of her fake ones, controlled and reserved, but one that was so bright it crinkled her eyes. Tears beaded in their corners. Skysong cleared her throat and reigned herself back in. "I am honored, Siltwater. Thank you. Yes, yes, I would love to."