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Warriors: Cats of the Sun

[PRP] The Damp Woods (Rainbowfish/Silverstreak)


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Silverstreak couldn't have predicted all the changes in her life as of late, some days things seemed to move along so slowly and in others, like when she gazed upon her litter, grown well into adulthood, she felt like so much had happened in hardly any time at all. She spent as much time as she could with her family, though now that her litter was grown, she also realized that they may need their space to be independent. Still, she would stop by the Medicine Cat Den with a friendly nod to Fernfire, and a piece of prey for her hardworking daughter. Starpaw hadn't received her full medicine cat name yet, but that seemed to be the norm with medicine cats. Whisperpaw, on the other hand... She still couldn't comprehend why Tigersun held her child back from receiving their warrior name. She had loudly voiced her frustration over it - sharing such thoughts in confidence with Songcall, who seemed to act as a reflection of her own opinions. Still, she wasn't about to go against the MountainClan leader, not when he'd done so much for MountainClan. Besides, Whisperpaw seemed to be at ease with the situation, and Silverstreak eventually seemed to settle with the idea that they would take on a warrior name when they were ready to get one, but not a moment sooner.

It wasn't just her kits that were growing and changing, the territory around MountainClan seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as the rains returned with leaf-fall. Water enough that it didn't just cause mud to slide out from the cliffs, but puddles had begun to form too. The riverbed was still empty, save for the shallow pools occasionally collected there, but nothing ever took. The ground of the riverbed seemed too dry, no matter what water tried to make its home there.

No matter, the puddles brought back some of the prey and while Silverstreak was careful not to overhunt the morsels who had returned, it was such a delight to know that her belly could be full again - and the bellies of her loved ones. Such a thrill went through her any time she brought back a piece of prey down on a hunt, as though it was a blessing from SunClan themselves.

Her first litter had been unexpected, but it had turned out to be a happy accident all the same. It had brought Silverstreak and Rainbowfish together as proper mates, and they'd raised their kits with such joy and affection - she couldn't imagine that any of her litter would ever be left wanting for their parent's love. It had been many moons now, since her litter had grown and now that she felt comfortable enough with the rain returned and the prey returning, she had something to ask of her mate.

She'd sought him out in their shared nest, catching him after a patrol with a warm smile. She'd asked him out on a walk together - just the two of them, through the dry woods.

"Though I suppose with last night's downpour, it ought to be named the damp woods, now." She'd mewed as they set off. The wet ground squelched between her toes, a pleasant change from the bone dry dust she'd become so used to over her moons during the drought. When they'd gotten some distance between themselves and the camp, she rubbed her shoulder against Rainbowfish's with a purr. "It's so strange, yet so wonderful, to see our kits grown - and our territory regaining itself again." she mewed. "It makes me hopeful for our future." She turned her gaze to Rainbowfish. "Is there anything that you're hoping for in particular, in these next coming seasons?" She asked him, not wanting to be so terribly blunt and ask her important question right off the bat. @Nym