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Warriors: Cats of the Sun

[PRP] What Is A Name? [ Tigersun x Thomas ]

Blinded By Silence

Grizzled Veteran
Thomas's nub of a tail twitched nervously. The dawn patrol had just returned, and in a few minutes, he would be joining a hunting party led by the clan leader. To think that a few weeks ago, he wouldn't have cared if this tom was a leader or what. But over the past few weeks, Tigersun's patience with his endless questions had earned him a good bit of respect. He understood the importance of the leader's time and felt anxious that the golden tabby wanted to spend it with him. He chewed his lip, wondering if he had missed something or made some kind of mistake. He... He didn't think he had? Honestly, the ginger tom had spent as much time as he could hunting. These cats were too skinny for his liking.