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Warriors: Cats of the Sun

[PRP] What is Death? [Cypress x Meili]


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That was the main feeling that occupied Cypress' small body. She wasn't hungry, she wasn't cold, but she was alone. Why was she alone? Hadn't there been warmth not to long ago? Hadn't she heard the murmurs of others, of her family? Why had she been left here, all alone?

For awhile she had cried for others to come to her. She cried and cried but no one came to her aid. No one else existed. It was just her, all alone. It felt like her tiny paws had been carrying her for moons upon moons but she wasn't sure how long it had actually been since she started wandering around. She was searching for someone, anyone, so that she wasn't alone anymore. Feeling discouraged once more, the small kit flopped to the ground and wailed.

"Why?! Why won't someone find me?" She shouted into the empty forest before sobbing into her paws.
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Lunar Fea


Meili was just as confused.

One moment he had existed and the next... well he just didn't.

But did at the same time. It was a strange feeling and he wasn't sure if he liked it.

His little paws wandered and wandered, his eyes doing the best they could to memorize his surroundings. This wasn't where he thought he had been born. His mom wasn't there, nor were the warmth of his siblings. He sighed, feeling weary without the actual weariness. He was about to slump down and give up in his own way when he heard something crying.

No... someone crying!

Picking himself up he raced towards the sound, his little legs going as fast as they could until he came across another kitten, small like him. Brown like the earth, wailing about being found. He bit his bottom lip, feeling the exact same, but instead managed to croak out... "I found you..."


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