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Warriors: Cats of the Sun

[TRAINING] Waterfall x Leafpaw


Stew Aficionado
Dice Rolled:
🎲d6 5 5
A training prompt between mentor Waterfall and apprentice Leafpaw!

Rolled: Battle Training (mock battle between mentor and apprentice)
Note - Even if you reach 0 HP your cat is not in danger of anything, this is training afterall.

Cat Stats
HP: 10
Damage: 5 per hit
To Hit: 10+

HP: 5
Damage: 3 per hit
To Hit: 13+


Stew Aficionado

Leafpaw was so lucky to have a mentor like Waterfall - the older she-cat was so pretty and her voice was pretty and - and - well, Leafpaw was happy to have such a kind, pretty she-cat as Waterfall to train her! She did her best to get out of her nest early that day. When she'd first been made an apprentice she tried to get out early every day, but that wasn't realistic, she found out shortly after. The idea of having to go on a long dusk patrol and then waking up early the next morning? No, it just wasn't in Leafpaw's list of skills. Apparently it wasn't just her who had a hard time getting up early all the time, because she had begun to notice that Burningroar - a newly made warrior in MountainClan (lucky!) could never be counted on to be seen in the main camp until well after sunrise. Maybe that was the perk that came with being a warrior, she'd wondered? Or more likely, it was just him being lazy.

Stretching in her nest, she practically pranced out of the Apprentices' Den to look around her and see if she could spot her mentor. Her stomach rumbled; maybe she could see about finding some prey to fill her belly first... @PeterPan_da144