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Warriors: Cats of the Sun

[FIN - PATROL] I Bet You Won't (Goldenfreckle x Flickerfly)


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It wasn't until the massive wing she had latched onto stopped wildly thrashing that Goldenfreckle dared to let go and take a step back from the eagle. She watched in awe as her bloodied mate delivered the final blow to the giant bird. As Flickerfly lifted his head from his kill to look for her, time seemed to slow down for Goldenfreckle. The realization of the situation had finally set in.

They did it. The eagle was dead. Together they had fought an eagle. And won. They were still alive to tell the tale. Alive... and very bloody. Goldenfreckle's head began to swim as she took in just how much blood was starting to mat her mate's fur. She could see Flickerfly moving off the eagle but when she tried to call to him, nothing came out. It seemed like all at once, the pain she had been ignoring gripped her body and knocked the air from her lungs.

Goldenfreckle managed to take one trembling step towards Flickerfly before she collapsed.

"I'm here Flickerfly. It'll take more than an angry bird to send me to SunClan." She managed to choke out as the striped male made his way towards her. If her mate was that bloody, Goldenfreckle didn't even want to think about what her own coat looked like. "You saved me." Goldenfreckle beamed at Flickerfly, admiration clear on her face despite the gore. She closed her eyes and let out a soft purr as Flickerfly reached her. "I know we need to get back and tell the clan but, can we rest here a minute? I'm so tired."


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Flickerfly's head turned as he heard his mate's call and hurried over to her side, laying down - and thinking that perhaps this was a mistake, for he didn't feel like he could possibly regain the energy to get up again. He just needed a small nap, before they made it back to MountainClan and who knew, maybe another patrol would find them out here first and they wouldn't have to struggle all the way up into the camp by themselves. Either way, Flickerfly found himself purring his relief and nuzzling his nose under Flickerfly's chin.

"I told you I would." He replied. "I'm always going to be here to protect you, Goldenfreckle." He mewed earnestly. "Though I wouldn't be alive, had you not been with me, so really, we saved each other." He mewed and then nodded. "I like the sound of that. Just a minute or two, otherwise I may never rise again, ha.... Just kidding, probably." He closed his eyes and in moments, sleep had taken him. Flickerfly certainly would get up again, no worry about that, but he would definitely need a cat nap first. @NatiStorm

(With that, I declare this RP concluded!)